Waterproof GPS Tracker CCTR-800 (1226)

Rp 1,240,000.00

Portable waterproof GPS Tracker praktis, dengan magnet yang kuat dapat ditempel dikendaraan yang dipantau. Tracking dapat dilihat dari website atau SMS secara real time. Baterei 2000mAh dapat  bertahan sampai dengan 5 hari. Desain anti air (waterproof) dapat dipergunakan di motor, truck atau keperluan lainya.



  • Real time upload current location to website;
  • Working method: locate with GPS, upload with GPRS;
  • SIMCOM GSM module (4 frequency) & Taiwan GPS module (Sirf-star or MTK chipset);
  • GSM and GPS antenna are embedded in the tracker;
  • Upload interval is 10-30 seconds according the setting of tracker;
  • Built in shock sensor to control GPS on off to enlarge battery life;
  • Shock sensor can be used as car shock & move alarm;
  • Using a website to tracking the car or display the history tracking;
  • Platform use free Google map, it is not necessary to pay any map charge;
  • If the object enters place (underground park) without GPS, it will report the last position tracked;
  • Can preset 3 phone number by SMS;Can send SOS or alarm information to preset phone;
  • Send alert of over range to the preset phone when it go out the restricted area;
  • Send alert of over speed to the preset phone when it exceeds the restricted speed;
  • Built in backup rechargeable polymer battery(2000mAH) & long standby time (Battery Life 1-5 days);
  • Auto send battery low information to preset phone by SMS;
  • The power can be connected to car battery all the time;
  • Can be attracted anywhere on the metal of car body with magnet pin (Need have GPS signal);
  • Level IP56 waterproof;
  • It is easy to hidden, used for tracking cars, bus, taxi, rent cars,  moving equipment etc;
  • Main Dimension: 70mm*51mm*30mm;
  • Main weight: 106g.


GSM Module


GPS Module

Sirf-Star or MTK

GSM Frequency

850/900/1800/1900 MHz

GPS channel

32 channels

GSM / GPS Antenna

Built in

Locate precision

10-20 Meters

GPS Cold Start Time

36 seconds

GPS Hot Start Time

1 second

Recharging Current

< 5V/300mA

Standby Current

< 10 mA

Uploading Current

<200mA / 5V



Working Temperature

-20 0C to +55 0C

Absolute Temperature

-35 0C to +70 0C

Storage Temperature

-40 0C to +80 0C

Record point without GPRS


Paket Pembelian

  • GPS tracker.
  • Car adapter.
  • USB charger wire
  • CD manual.

Download Manual Manual Gps tracker cctr-800



Cara Tracking 

 Untuk melakukan pelacakan dapat membuka  www.999gps.com  dengan memasukan user dan password awal berupa 6 angka terakhir dari tracking ID. Nomor tracking ID dapat dilihat di bagian belakang gps tracker ini. Misalnya untuk tracking ID  CW0810C12345678901 maka user dan password nya adalah 678901.  Jika anda lupa tracking ID nya maka dapat pula mengirimkan SMS ke nomor HP yang ada di gps tracker dengan isi SMS adalah ID*123456   Gambar Tampilan Website  www.999gps.com   Gambar Tracking Posisi Kendaraan   Gambar Tracking Routing yang dilalui kendaraan selama 3 hari


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