Spycam HD Stabilo dengan HDMI (1085)

Spy Cam berbentuk stabillo hitam dengan resolusi photo 8Mp dan video 1280x720 HD. Menggunakan memori micro SD Eksternal sampai 32GB. Merupakan Spy Cam paling canggih dilengkapi dengan konektor HDMI. Jika anda membutuhkan kualitas spy cam ini pilihanya.



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007 Spy Cam with HDMI

Spy Cam recomended untuk Profesional


spy cam



A high quality spy camera, video recorder and flash drive all in 1 at an unbeatable price!

A 007 gadget:

Are your old-fashioned spy pens easily recognizable? What if your new James Bond product looked like a marker? Who could imagine behind its simple outlook there is a high definition camera?

It is so easy to handle that time has come for anyone to lead the new generation of secret agent! Not only images are recordable but also voices! Whatever you want to know will be accessible. The sound is very clear you won't miss a single word and each person speaking is identifiable. It's also a good help if you can't remain focused during your class or meetings for too long! Otherwise just buy it for fun to play with and surprise your friends. It will fulfill all your hidden desires. All the signs mentioning "No photo" won’t concern you anymore!

A convenient and powerful device:

Have you ever dreamt of a small, cheap, practical and high performing camera allowing you to take films and photos in any circumstances? Or you simply want to be sure it won't end up at the bottom of a beer cup after a party washed down with plenty of alcohol? This item is exactly what you are searching for. Thanks to its size, weight and shape it can be easily inserted in any pocket after use and fits in every bag to be stored safely. In other terms it is always hand-reachable so it will follow you everywhere. But the most outstanding part comes when you transfer files to your TV (via a HDMI cable) or computer to watch them: videos in high definition (1280*720P) and photos up to 8 Mega pixels! Each detail will appear so clearly that you will agreeably wonder how it is possible. You will be amazed at the stunning picture quality when viewed on your big-screen HDTV. From now on you will catch any important moment of your life you couldn't before!

A flash drive:

The well protected slot can accept a mini SD card up to 32GB! It means you can bring with you all the games, movies, songs and pictures you wish beside your top secret documents. It makes this product essential every day. Furthermore a SD card of 8 GB is provided for free so that you will be able to start enjoying your new purchase as soon as you receive it.

This advanced digital pen has this aspect that makes it funny, useful and exciting at the same time so your collection of electronics won't be complete without it!



  • Marker-shape spy camera
  • 1280*720P HD videos
  • 8 Mega pixels photos
  • HDMI output
  • Flash drive (external memory up to 32GB)

Manufacturer specifications:

  • CMOS sensor: 5.0 Mega pixels
  • Max 8.0 Mega pixels by interpolation
  • Picture resolution: 3200*2400
  • Picture format: JPEG
  • Video resolution: H.264 1280*720P 30fps
  • Video format: MOV
  • Video output: HDMI
  • Maximum video recording: 50 minutes
  • File size: 2GB for 50 minutes of audio/video records
  • External memory: Micro-SD or TF card up to 32GB
  • USB port: 2.0
  • Power source: rechargeable battery
  • Battery: 400mAh built-in lithium battery
  • Buttons
    - Mode
    - Power
    - Rec
    - Up
    - Down
    - Reset
  • Dimensions: 116mm x 28mm x 12mm (L x W x H)

Package Contents

  • 1x HD spy pen (Bonus Memori Micro SD 8Gb)
  • 1x HDMI cable
  • 1x Mini USB cable
  • 1x User manual


spy cam hdmi

spy cam hdmi

spy cam

spy cam hdmi

spy cam

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